The beauty of the Jimmy Jib crane is its versatility; it can be easily transported and quickly rigged in the most extreme locations to allow creative and efficient shooting. The crane can be constructed in a variety of lengths from 6ft to 40ft, and can be built on a variety of mounts/bases to optimise its use indoors and outdoors.
We shoot with most broadcast and 4K digital cinema cameras and often use prime, cine zoom and video lenses. Remote focus & zoom control is possible through the Jib and we can also supply wireless follow focus & lens control systems if required.
See the Tech Specs and FAQs below for more detailed information.

Jimmy Jib
Jimmy Jib - Iris
Jimmy Jib - Chevron



  • Can be quickly built to required length from 6ft – 40ft ‘reach’
  • Easily packed & transported to those hard-to-reach locations
  • The Jimmy Jib head offers remote-control of approx 400° of pan and 300° on the tilt axis
  • We work with most broadcast & digital cinema cameras, from the Canon C300 to the Arri Amira
  • Versatile range of bases available: Track kits or Studio Peds to off-road Gator 6 wheel buggy


Jimmy Jib - Track

Jimmy Jib Track Kits

Stanton Jimmy Jib Track in 4ft lengths (82cm gauge)
Jimmy Jib - Remote Lens

C-Motion Wireless Follow Focus

3 motor remote lens control (LCS) for Focus, Iris, & Zoom
Jimmy Jib - Fujinon

Fujinon Cabrio Lens Set

14-35mm & 19-90mm Cine Zoom T2.9 PL Mount Lenses
Jimmy Jib - Studio Ped Base

Studio Ped Base

A specially adapted Vinten Pedestal, ideal for studio tracking
Jimmy Jib - Solid State Recorder

PIX 240i Solid State Recorder

ProRes 4444 recording with Teradek Bolt wireless sender
Jimmy Jib - Dutch Roll Head

Dutch Roll Head

120 or 360 degree 3rd axis head. Especially suited to video cameras
Jimmy Jib - Autocue

Autocue / Prompt Screen

10 inch direct read LCD screen with crane power & video
Jimmy Jib - Gator

Jib Gator Off-Road Mount

Perfect for fast repositioning on all types of terrain



Jimmy Jib - Chevron
Jimmy Jib - Iris
Jimmy Jib
Jimmy Jib
Jimmy Jib

The Jimmy Jib can be built from 6ft – 40ft and this ‘reach’ is measured from the crane fulcrum to the camera plate. The longer the crane, the larger the working area needs to be and we can happily chat this through with you and explain the equipment footprint, measurements & weights.
We often rig on balconies & platforms and can advise on the best structure and safe working load considerations.

All of our Jib kits are packaged concisely and clearly documented, especially helpful for transporting by air where required.

To help explain all the Jimmy Jib options and variations, we have produced a handy Jib fact-sheet to aid planning of camera positions and useful for spec’ing Jib platforms or auditorium seat-kills. We find ourselves in some pretty unusual locations so we may already have knowledge of your studio or location.

Feel free to call us and chat things through.


How long does it take to rig the Jimmy Jib?

We always suggest up to 2hrs to rig the Jimmy Jib. This will obviously depend on vehicle proximity and the working environment.
How easily can the Jimmy Jib be moved between locations?

After the initial build, the Jimmy Jib can be repositioned easily across level and clear ground on its wheeled base. If the location doesn’t have level terrain then a rebuild can take from 30mins+, depending on distance and conditions. For shoots requiring several locations in a day or across a larger distance, the Jimmy Jib can be supplied, mounted and operated from an off-road 6 wheeled Jib Buggy which offers very fast relocation of the Jimmy Jib across 4×4 terrain!
Can the Jimmy Jib carry 4k or 6k Digital Cinema cameras?

Yes, we often shoot with some monster cameras including all the bolt-on’s. Depending on the size of Jimmy Jib built, the safe working load varies from 27.5kg to 11.3kg. Give us a call and tell us what camera you want to shoot with.
We want to position the Jimmy Jib high up on a platform, what size should it be?

Just like Blue Peter, we’ve produced a fact-sheet and can email through a pdf with our quote to best explain all the intricate detail.
What is the gross weight of the Jimmy Jib?

There are many variables involved in calculating a correct Gross Weight of a Jimmy Jib. It would be great to discuss your exact requirements.
Which cameras do you use with the Jimmy Jib?

We love new technology and are excited to use new cameras as they’re released every few months. On location we often shoot with Digital Cinema cameras like the Sony F55, Arri Alexa, Arri Amira and also the RED or Phantom High-Speed camera now and again. We’re also still asked to shoot with the well established Sony PMW-500 or PDW-F800. As for Studio or OB shoots, we happily work with whatever the facility wants to provide.
Does the Jimmy Jib need a Technician or Assistant?

All quotes include a Jimmy Jib Technician as a second person with the Jimmy Jib. This allows faster and sometimes more dynamic shooting as well as reducing possible hazards recorded in the Jimmy Jib Risk Assessment and as defined by the Health and Safety Executive. *The 40ft Jimmy Jib requires two Technicians.

For more info or to check availability please get in touch

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