For fast repositioning of the Jimmy Jib on location, we shoot with the rugged off-road 6×4 Jib Buggy. It loves extreme terrain!
For productions requiring multiple shooting positions in a day or when repositioning across a several acres, the Jimmy Jib can be supplied, mounted and operated from the off-road 6 wheeled Gator.

It boasts a powered self-levelling jack system, electric winch and can be supplied with a choice of rugged terrain tyres or gentle & friendly turf tyres, more suitable for your stately home or golf course.
A great tool for maximising shooting hours or where extra grunt is needed!

Gator - Iris
Gator - Chevron



Gator Features


  • Permanent 4 wheel drive with rugged terrain or gentle turf tyre options
  • Powerful self-levelling jack system for working on unfriendly gradients
  • Rugged, substantial design to provide rock-solid support for fast Jib movement
  • 360° clearance for full Jib-swings
  • A great solution to what used to be ‘jib-prohibitive’ speed bumps, kerbs & slopes
  • LED illumination for safe working at night
  • Multiple cup holders!

For more info or to check availability please get in touch

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